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  • CACC Rosebowl Final – 2018

    Mike and Sally Kitchingman. Barbara Fleming and Terry Godber, attended the Rosebowl final at Amersham on behalf of the club this Sunday.

  • CACC Rosebowl Final – 2017

    As you may have heard at the club last week, LBPC has made it into the Rosebowl Final. Thanks are due to Barbara Fleming for her stewardship of our entry in this competition.

  • CACC Rosebowl Final – 2012

    This year we finished joint 6th at the Final. Our Final entry and scores are below: Reyhan by Roger Gage (15 points) Twisting Tern by Dave Cromack (16) The Beggar by Bernie Raffe (20) Robo-Fly by Roger Clarke (20) Girl in a Cafe by Bernie Raffe (16) Handsome Devil by Clive Daniels (18) TOTAL: 105 points [nggallery id=8] The overall Rosebowl winners were: 1st: Oxford PS (110 points) 2nd: XRR PS (109) 3rd: Ealing & Hampshire House PS (108)     Scoresheets from the preceding rounds are below. Overall running totals for all clubs are available from the CACC website [...]

One of our main external competitions is the CACC Rosebowl. This is a projected image (PDI) competition organised by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC). We enter as a club with images selected by the committee.

The competition takes place in a league style with 3 rounds held at host clubs. The league is organised into random groups of 3 or 4 clubs, so that each club competes against different clubs in each round. The top 12 clubs from the league stage are invited to the Rosebowl Final, which takes place on the CACC Big Day in April.

  • The subject matter is ‘Open’.
  • Clubs can retain or change images in any way they want between league matches, and for the final.
  • For the league matches, clubs enter 15 images each, with no more than 4 per author.
    • Images are scored out of 20 and the scores totalled to determine the winning club.
    • The winning club is awarded 5 points, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th.
    • These points are counted to determine final league placings and which clubs go through to the final.
  • At the final, the top 12 clubs from the league each enter 8 images, with no more than 2 per author.
    • Images are scored out of 20 and the scores totalled to determine the winning club.

If you would like to know more, please read the “Rosebowl Requirements” pdf on the CACC website:

The current year’s fixture list and results can be found on the CACC site.

In previous years LBPC has made it to the final – we came 5th in 2009/10, joint 6th in 2011/12 and in 2017/8 we came 2nd.

This is only possible because the club members supplied their best images, from which we chose our winning panels. Club members are encouraged to submit images to the External Competitions Coordinators – contact details are in the Club Handbook.

Image Gallery Of LBPC Entries For 2017/18

Image Gallery 2016/17

Image Gallery 2015/16

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Rosebowl Rounds 2015 & 2016

Roasebowl Rounds 2017, 2018 & 2019