Some of the documents on this page are in “PDF” format. You will need “PDF reader” software to open them. Most computers have this already installed, but if you have trouble, download the free Adobe Reader.

2011-2012 Season Resources

Neil Sharpe’s HDR Processing presentation (PDF)

Steve Thewis Photoshop Tips 16th May. Two files –

Steve Thewis Photoshop Tips Pt 1 120510 and Steve Thewis Photoshop Tips Pt 2 120510

2010-2011 Season Resources

Creating a Flickr account:

Steps to create a flickr account:
1. If you don’t have a yahoo account, create one at
2. Once you have a yahoo account, go to and click on the “create your account” button
3. Enter your yahoo ID and password and log in.
4. Give your flickr area a name and submit it
5. Add some photos to flickr. It allows you to multiple-select your images to upload.
6. Share your photos by clicking on the dropdown of “You” and choosing “Your Photostream”. Copy the web page address from the top of your browser and give this to your friends. To make your photos easier for people online to find, tag them. You can adjust the privacy settings on photos after you have uploaded them.

2009-2010 Season Resources

Method for  Sharpening Pictures (pdf)

2008-2009 Season Resources

Creating Soundtracks PDF

Model Posing Positions part 1 part 2 part 3

Adobe Photoshop Workshop Oct 2008

Digital Image Sizing De-mystified

Jim’s AV Workshop